Here is an Optimal Method that is helping Blogging in 2020


Have you started writing a blog for your company and not able to get views? Let’s discuss this. With the growing internet every day, numerous things are changing in blogging. We have come up with so many new strategies that can make your blog get excellent performance.

According to the observation, it has been seen that the moment you start posting the fresh content, your blog will start getting views and shares, but with addition to it, you need to look to other factors as well. To make your blog well performed, you need to think step by step. So let’s go straight knowing the facts.

Think about the niche

The first and essential method where you should select the niche The web is filled with different categories. You should be able to find your type where your content best fits. The moment you decide your specific topic, focus on that, and get to the latest trends. The moment you gain some attention, you can cover more topics to increase your bandwidth. You must be thinking why you should include more items? It is because the competition has been improved, that is why you need to increase your platform.

Search about trending topics

57% of web traffic comes to form an organic search. So you need to introspect your writing and write about what people are searching for. Use Keyword research tool, Google trends, Answer the Public to get good ideas about such topics.

Tracking competitors best-performing topic 

Finding of competitors what they are doing is all about a great strategy in blogging The moment you are seeing the best issue of your competitors through which they are generating leads, you will find things interesting. The way to check the best performing topic is to check their keywords in articles that will help you to get the idea. The optimal approach is to check through Ahref site explorer and get a detailed report on which type of materials they are getting organic traffic.

Making your articles relevant 

As earlier said, google is tracking you everywhere, which means that it has designed its algorithms to find relevant content. Ensure that the materials you write are very related to the topics and categories. The relevancy is a defined set formed by google’s types. The proper guidelines which should be followed are given on google’s official website.

Make Easy and Readable Post 

The posts which are easy to read have most of the traffic. How would you make your job be more eas looking? The concept here is to create good writing. There are ways to do it.

  • Short Paragraphs. it is a significant relief for the readers if they find your content in small paragraphs rather than going in the big ones  
  • Try to decrease the long sentences. The sentences you form is essential. Google looks at the length of the sentences. If you can break the sentences, then you are optimizing your content.
  • Creative Multimedia- The multimedia you create should be prepared to describe your content better. It should be relevant to your content. Use GIFs, images, videos to be more descriptive.
  • Formatting. The formatting helps to make the content give more focus on the required information searched by the user. Bold, Italics, Underlined feature helps to provide more clarity.

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